• It has become an indispensable part of our daily operations here at [$1 billion revenue company].
  • I know our [70,000 files] are encrypted and protected, but Innersafe is so behind the scenes I sometimes forget...
  • It has increased our productivity in searches at least ten fold.
  • It is wildly successful here and the [new feature] will make it even more useful.
  • [CAD related search] that took weeks now only take seconds.


Easily find, share, and secure data within your current IT infrastructure.

About Innersafe Inc.

We turn customers into clients, and clients into fans.


Innersafe Inc. is a privately held software company with customers in the United States and Canada.

We help businesses combat insider data theft while improving productivity.

Our largest deployment processes over 500,000 internally shared files daily. This includes around 75,000 confidential CAD files that are kept seamlessly encrypted during active use.

Unlike disk encryption, files stolen by an employee remain encrypted when copied or uploaded with unauthorized software. We use seamless authentication, encryption, and more so your employees can focus on their work rather than passwords.

Whether your business relies on complex CAD systems or in-house software, we can customize and integrate our technology to use your existing workflows.

Our philosophy

We treat customers the way we wish to be treated by our vendors.

As a privately held company without external investors, we enjoy the freedom to focus on long-term success and building lasting relationships with loyal customers.

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